Top five questions asked by new Internal Auditors


This week I have been running a health & safety internal auditor course and it struck me that whatever the standard or organisation the primary concerns of newly trained internal auditors are consistent. During the course I made a note of some of these common questions, and have added answers below.

Q1a: How long will the internal audits take me?

This is probably the number one question asked by newly trained internal auditors. (more…)

Pollution Prevention and Response – IEMA Seminar


Marek Bidwell (IEMA North Regional Chair) recently hosted a well attended IEMA seminar at Ramside Hall, Durham on the topic of Pollution Prevention and Response.  Opening the event, Marek spoke about the positive strides that have been made in recent years on pollution prevention and reduction, but stressed that business need to “always be vigilant” continuing:

“You might have an award winning Corporate Responsibility strategy in your business and be doing excellent work but a single pollution incident can undo years of progress.”


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