Audit health check

We start the service with a review of your existing audit process.  One of our environmental system auditors will examine a range of your recent audit reports, and provide a clear, written health check report on the following aspects of the audits:

  • Accuracy and quality
  • Overall legislative compliance
  • Clarity of content
  • Scope of non-conformances raised
  • Consistency of reporting
  • Reviewing your audit schedule

For the next step we will review your existing audit programme timetable to determine whether it is adequate, efficient and encompasses the full requirements of the standard, including “evaluation of compliance”.  We will advise whether we recommend continuing with your current audit schedule, or draw up a new audit timetable for you.

Running the audit programme

We will then complete internal audits as per the agreed timetable, and schedule these visits over a full annual period to ensure that all the elements of the system are considered and audited prior to each external assessment visit.

We will raise any non conformances we find in our audit reports, provide advice on corrective actions to rectify these issues and follow up to ensure these actions are completed within an agreed timescale.