Manufacturing PCBs

Manufacturing replacement boiler parts at Heating Trade Supplies

Earlier this year I starting investigating the growth of the Circular Economy in the North East of England. The first company I visited was Heating Trade Supplies who remanufacture used boiler parts.  They receive faulty parts at their workshop in North Tyneside repair and test them, before dispatching them with a warranty. I publish my interview with Heating Trade Supplies on this blog, and it was picked up by the editor of Transform Magazine who asked me to write a feature article for them on the subject, so I spent the summer researching and interviewing Directors and Managers of four other business in the region who are innovating in this area:

  • Sabre Rail who remanufacture rail components

  • DC Reclamation who take used IT equipment from offices, wipe the data and sell it on before sharing profits with their clients

  • Newcastle Hospitals who are a large waste producer and have taken steps to eliminate and reduce waste, and

  • Warp It who provide a service that helps organisations to track and reuse a wide range of resources

As I learnt more about the risks and opportunities faced by these organisations driving the Circular Economy I distilled their experiences into ten lessons that would be helpful to anyone seeking to disrupt the traditional linear economy, along with one lesson for the government who designs the system within which the Circular Economy operatives.

To read about these organisation and learn the lessons, follow this link to  Transform’s website.