Natural_Gas_Bill_v2Increasingly organisations are required to (or voluntarily) report their Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs).

Schemes include: Mandatory GHG Reporting under The Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013, EU Emission Trading Scheme, DEFRA GHG-Reporting Guidelines, ISO 14064 Part 1, and CDP. Sometimes contractors and suppliers are required to report emissions as a pre-qualification requirement for tendering (PQQs).

This process may be reasonably straightforward for a single facility; but for organisations with multiple sites, subsidiaries, and multiple GHG sources, the complexity increases. Your data may pass through several departments, and be subject to multiple conversions. Mistakes are often made in defining the organisations boundary, gathering and converting the data – see our article ‘GHG Reporting: Top 10 Bear Traps to Avoid‘ for more examples.

If your data has been reported externally you will want to have confidence that it is accurate, in order to avoid the potentially embarrassing (and if regulated, costly) possibility of having to restate it in future year’s.

Our consultants – trained as ‘Lead GHG Verifiers’ – will assist your organisation will all aspects of GHG Data Management from definition of your organisational boundary, to selection of the correct emission factors, to base-year calculations. We will also develop a GHG Management System compliant with ISO 14064, the GHG Protocol, or other standards – so that you can have confidence in your data in future years. Alongside this we offer staff training in all aspects of the external requirements, and your internal systems.

Please contact Marek Bidwell for further information on how we can work with you.