Internal audit is a vital part of a management system, delivering internal check and action planning which ensures the ongoing health of the system.  A good internal audit programme can demonstrate to external assessors that a system is effective, active and well managed.  This was illustrated recently when BMS provided support to an organisation in the run-up to external certification of their existing ISO 14001 EMS, including completing a full internal audit of the system.  As a result of the support provided by BMS, the client’s external certification visit was reduced from two man days to one man day, with the external audit stating:

A very comprehensive internal audit has now been completed.  This encompassed a full ISO14001 systems audit, as well as areas of operational control and provision of legal compliance.  Numerous findings have been raised within the formal corrective action plan.  This progress and high level of preparation for the visit has resulted in this visit being reduced.



LRQA ISO 14001 Assessment Report 

In addition to completing the internal audit, BMS provided focussed advice on specific EMS structure, content and procedural issues which resulted in the closure of all non conformances from the previous external audit visit.

As a result of the valued support of BMS, the client has now engaged BMS to fully manage the EMS internal audit programme through the Internal Audit ServiceLynn Telford, EMR at SpaceGroup, said:

The audit went extraordinarily well.  The external assessor cut short his visit, and closed out all of the non conformances.  Many thanks for all your assistance, it is much appreciated.