This half-day or one-day course is tailored to your organisation’s specific environmental aspects and operational control procedures. It is designed to inform your staff on the essential requirements of the EMS, the environmental policy and how it relates to their jobs. Typically all staff in an organisation would receive a half-day session and supervisors and managers would receive a full day. The full day course goes into more detail on legal requirements and conducting environmental inspections.

The half-day course covers:

  • Environmental issues relevant to your organisation.
  • Your organisation’s EMS, environmental policy and significant aspects.
  • A brief summary of environmental legislation applicable to your organisation.
  • The key requirements of your operational control procedures, such as waste management, water pollution control, chemical storage, dealing with spills and leaks, noise and nuisance issues, air pollution control, contaminated land and the protection of plants and animals.

In addition the one-day course covers:

  • How to demonstrate compliance with legislation.
  • What to look for during an environmental inspection of your site(s).
  • Environmental management and inspections of contractors.