The Internal Audit System

At IAS we have developed a complete suite of internal audit services to cover all your internal auditing needs, from the most complex to the very simple.

We work in partnership with you and your team to enable you to realise the many benefits that good internal audits can bring including efficiency improvements, cost reductions, improved brand perception and employee engagement and of course legal compliance. To learn more about IAS’ support services make a selection from the options below – by clicking on the bars to the right.

Full Internal Audit Service
At IAS we will design and deliver your complete internal audit programme, on time and in budget.

Audit Programme Recovery Service
Our experienced and qualified auditors, will take your imminent or overdue programmes, and complete the outstanding audit for you.

Evaluation of Compliance Service
The IAS will provide your organisation with a comprehensive assessment of your compliance status with legislation, along with practical recommendations to achieve full compliance.

Audit Training and Mentoring Service
Good internal auditors require training and ongoing support. At IAS we provide highly regarded ‘IEMA certified training’ for those new to auditing, as well as refresher training, and bespoke mentoring programmes to keep auditors up to date and engaged.

“A very comprehensive internal audit has now been completed.

Numerous findings have been raised within the formal corrective action plan, this high level of preparation has resulted in this visit being reduced.”

LRQA ISO 14001 Assessment Report


IAS’s Full Internal Audit Service allows you to focus on your business whilst we focus on your successful audit.  Tailored to the needs of your business, our experienced auditors will review your audit programmes and deliver your audits for you.

IAS’ expert internal audit team will deliver your complete internal audit programme:

  • On time and in budget
  • Provide high quality, consistent audit reports that meet all requirements
  • Provide high level feedback to your management team identifying emerging trends, risks, and opportunities for business improvements

“Northern Rail employed BMS to help plug a gap in our internal auditing programme.

BMS were professional in their approach, delivered exactly what was required and provided insightful feedback.”

Dr Karen Booth, Head of Sustainability, Northern Rail


IAS’ Audit Programme Recovery Service will put your late running audit programme back on track.

Our registered auditors have the experience and knowledge to deliver either one, or multiple outstanding audits and will:

  • Deliver your overdue audits quickly to agreed timescales
  • Provide high quality audit reports using your organisations standard report format, that meet the requirements of your certification body
  • Provide a debrief to your management team identifying the key issues and trends arising from the audits undertaken, and give practical advice on addressing any findings

Read more about how we helped Northern Rail plug a gap in their internal audit programme.

“BMS provided us with valued support on how to meet our obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations.

An audit by BMS helped us remain compliant offering excellent ideas to help reduce packaging waste, improve our environmental performance and had a positive effect on company profits.”

Dan Tyrpak, Env Adviser at Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd

IAS’s Evaluation of Compliance Service will help you understand and reduce your level of exposure and risk by conducting an assessment of your compliance status, along with practical recommendations to close any gaps.

IAS’ expert audit team will:

  • Help you understand and reduce your level of risk
  • Provide detailed compliance reports against all applicable legislation
  • Recommend how you can embed ongoing compliance into your business processes
  • Look for opportunities to go beyond compliance that improve your business and increase efficiency
  • Review and update your registers of  legislation, explain the implications of changes, and provide staff briefings


“EDF Energy asked BMS to provide the IEMA Internal Auditors course at short notice.

We were very impressed by the speed with which BMS tailored the content to our company processes. Following on from the course the members of the Environment team were well equipped to complete Compliance Evaluations.”

Joe Roberts of EDF Energy

IAS’s Auditor Training and Mentoring programmes equip your audit team to the highest level. We provide ‘IEMA certified training’ for those new to auditing, as well as refresher training, and bespoke mentoring programmes.

Our in-house training is interactive and functional; we travel to you, tailor the course to your issues and control measures, use your audit systems, and carry out live audits of your processes, all ensuring that that your auditors are fully equipped to deliver your programme.

The Auditor Mentoring Service is a vital part of auditor development enabling experienced auditors to keep up to date with new legislation and good practice whilst sharing experience, discussing common findings and improvement ideas.  Periodic workshops are facilitated by IAS’ experienced audit experts providing CPD sessions on auditing techniques, changing legislation, and best practice.

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