This is a simple two page summary of ISO 14001 that is useful for environmental management students getting to grips with main requirements of the standard. Summary of ISO 14001 2004 – BMS.

There are 17 main clauses from 4.2 policy, to 4.6 management review. A number of these clauses require a documented procedure and these are indicated with a (P) after the title in the summary. A documented manual is also required indicated with an (M).

Sections of the standard (not included in this handout) are 1. Scope, 2. References, and 3. Terms and Definitions, and Clause 4.1 is entitled ‘General Requirement’ – it requires that the organisation established and maintains an EMS and documents its scope. Annex A contains guidance on use of the standard, and Annex B is a table that compares the requirements of ISO 14001 to ISO 9001 (for quality management systems)

It is interesting consider the additional requirements of EMAS, and EMAS can be downloaded for free from the EU website at Helpfully the EMAS regulation also contains the text from Section 4 of ISO 14001 (which is a saving of £136) if you don’t need the text in Section 1-3.

Although ISO 14001 is in the early stages of being updated it will not be reissued for a few years yet so this structure remains valid.

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